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Our wines

The company’s core values remain closely associated with our desire to protect the environment and our policy of minimal intervention from the vine to the glass.

Lucien Albrecht’s golden rule: respect the Earth

Stringent monitoring of the vines—from the first buds through to the mature fruits ready for harvesting—is a common concern that characterises our wine growers’ approach to their work. Monitoring, inspecting and employing the best cultivation practices are prerequisites for the quality of Lucien Albrecht wines. Each intervention is meticulously recorded and monitored with a view to adapting the vine maintenance operations and applying any treatments sparingly, ensuring that the earth can sustainably continue to give the best it has to offer.


Vine cultivation

Therefore, in addition to providing extensive green cover between the vine rows, which favours the development of auxiliary fauna, the Maison Lucien Albrecht’s vines have been awarded the Agri-Confiance® certification, which bears witness to a very high level of environmental quality including sustainable development.

Die goldene Regel

Opting for authentic harvesting by hand

To safeguard all of the efforts made in the vineyards and maintain the quality potential of the grape harvest, the Maison Lucien Albrecht continues to innovate and now favours the use of small containers in order to maintain the integrity of the fruit which arrives at our wine presses undamaged. Consequently, the grape harvest is carried out mainly by hand, with entire bunches of grapes being pressed slowly in pneumatic wine presses. This is followed by natural clarification through sedimentation. Maturing in casks, barrels or tanks, depending on the grape varieties, guarantees the character, finesse and balance of our wines.

Ernte von Hand

Lucien Albrecht wines

  • Vins de Réserve (Reserve wines)

    Lucien Albrecht Vins de Réserve (Reserve Wines) are created using the seven traditional Alsatian grape varieties. This range, characterised by its freshness and unique aromatic structure, reflects the unmistakable and authentic character of the Alsatian grape varieties. Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir: the seven wines accompany your meals with finesse and elegance all year long.
  • Grands Crus

    Our Grands Crus (Great Wines) are wines bearing the “Grand Cru Alsace” designation and mainly originate from the Pfingstberg and Spiegel vineyards. Magical products of our terroirs and nature, these prestige wines enrich your meals and guarantee satisfaction when offered as refined gifts. They are always appreciated by wine lovers, from enthusiastic amateurs to the top tasters.
  • Vendanges Tardives and Sélection de Grains Nobles

    The Vendanges Tardives (Late-Harvest Wines) and Sélection de Grains Nobles (“Noble Grape” Selection) are the nectar of Alsace wines, embodying the very best qualities of the grapes and our patient expertise. These wines are potently aromatic due to the “noble rot” that is allowed to develop on the grapes.
  • Grands Vins Rouges

    Our Grands Vins Rouges (Great Red Wines) have forged and continue to forge the reputation of the Lucien Albrecht brand. The Lucien Albrecht Grands Vins Rouges are crafted using Pinot Noir bearing the AOC Alsace designation of origin. The early-harvesting vineyards on which the Pinots Noirs are produced are ideally suited to the blossoming and ripening of this grape variety, which is the flagship of the great Alsace wines in the Lucien Albrecht range.
  • Lucien Albrecht Crémants d’Alsace

    Our expertise and history in pioneering the Crémant d’Alsace quality sparkling wines allows us to create top quality Crémants with an intense and special taste profile that is specific to the Maison Lucien Albrecht. Their fine and light bubbles are the embodiment of splendid effervescence and enliven any occasion. Created using Alsatian grape varieties and the traditional method, our Crémants d’Alsace are available in BRUT and ROSÉ forms and perfectly accompany any occasion from aperitifs through to desserts.

Lucien Albrecht Wines

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