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The Maison Lucien Albrecht’s origins can be traced back to 1698, when Balthazar Albrecht settles in Orschwihr, to the south of Colmar (Haut-Rhin – Alsace), a small Alsatian village in an ideal location for growing vines. Eight generations continue to work the soils of this unique terroir with the same tenacity and passion, creating the reputation and authentic character of Alsace wines which are enjoyed and renowned worldwide.

Handed down from father to son, the experience acquired by generations of these nature lovers allows this family to adapt its wine-growing and wine-making methods gradually from year to year, in order to get the very best out of this one-of-a-kind terroir. This gradually brings out all the finesse of Lucien Albrecht wines which, thanks to the argilo-calcareous soils, are characterised by their unique aromatic structure and freshness.

L'histoire de la famille Lucien Albrecht CP1400181LAChristophePetiteau

1698 to the start of the 19th century: from Thann to Orschwihr

In 1698, Balthazar Albrecht (1668-1742) leaves Thann to settle in Orschwihr, several decades after the end of the Thirty Years’ War which laid waste to much of Alsace. He works the land and tirelessly cultivates the vines. All of his descendants adopt the same approach…

From the start of the 19th century to today: three phases of development

The first phase takes place in the 19th century
This is the period in which Lucien Albrecht’s family vineyard expands to take in numerous plots around Orschwihr.

The second concerns the post-phylloxera crisis period (1930)
Henri Albrecht plants very large numbers of plots with Riesling, Tokay and Gewurztraminer grape varieties. This marks the start of the practice of planting grafted vines.

The Maison Lucien Albrecht in the 20th century
Lucien Albrecht also pioneers the emergence of Crémants d’Alsace. The company begins its first tests of these sparkling wines in 1971. And, thanks to the perseverance of Lucien Albrecht and other producers, this traditional method is officially recognised and awarded the prestigious AOC Crémant d’Alsace designation of origin in 1976.

In 2012, the Maison Lucien Albrecht, in its role as the heir to this iconic style and a key historical contributor to the roots of Orschwihr wine growing, relaunches this name with a view to perpetuating this well-loved taste profile on these types of terroirs. This work is based on the expertise of employees within the traditional family structure devoted to reviving the spirit of the flagship wines. Remaining faithful to this tradition, the Maison Lucien Albrecht is enhancing its international reputation and presence and is continuing to earn recognition in wine guides and specialised reviews with each new vintage.


Balthazar Albrecht settles in Orschwihr.

History Image
History Image

Cultivation of plots of vines in the locality of Orschwihr.


Birth of Lucien Albrecht.

History Image
History Image

After the first tests of sparkling wines in 1971, the Lucien Albrecht Crémants d’Alsace are considered to be pioneers of this designation. With two other Alsatian wine companies, they prompt the creation of the "Appellation Crémant d'Alsace" designation of origin, which is officially launched in 1976.

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The heirs to this iconic style perpetuate the art of viticulture
at the heart of the terroirs of Orschwihr, bringing out the quality and character
of the Grands Vins d’Alsace (Great Alsace Wines) in every single wine.


Lucien Albrecht Wines

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